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Jennifer Cruz & Juan Tellez — Minted

Jennifer Cruz


Juan Tellez

Jennifer Cruz and Juan Tellez

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

83 days until the big day!

Our Story

Juan and Jenny's love story began in 2017 when they were both new hires at a bank and teamed up on the same project. Their immediate connection and complementary personalities quickly laid the foundation for a deep and meaningful friendship. As time passed, their bond deepened and naturally transitioned into a romantic relationship, catching both of them by surprise.

Over the years, Juan has come to love Jenny's daughter, Eliana, as his own, and in 2020, they joyfully welcomed their baby girl, Rosalia. Realizing he had found his forever home, Juan chose a magical, snowy day during a family vacation in Colorado on January 7, 2023, to propose.

Now, as they prepare to embark on this thrilling new chapter, Juan and Jenny are excited to share their happiness and eagerly look forward to celebrating with loved ones in October!